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Whether your family problems seem to surface in weeks or have been festering for years, you'll want to face them before it's too late. Sessions at Hope Counseling help everyone see past their highly subjective viewpoints and work toward real solutions.


Kim Mayeda's marriage and family counseling focuses on identification of root conflicts and resolving them. If you're open to it, she'll help you view your issues through the lens of faith, which will give you more resources for sustaining loving relationships.

Caring family counseling through faith

Strategies to handle your family issues

  • Communication breakdowns

  • Deciding about divorce

  • Building the deeper intimacy you desire

  • Incorporating spirituality into your family life

  • A complete range of adoption issues

  • Connecting meaningfully with your children

  • Building and managing blended families

Enjoy a nonjudgmental, peaceful environment.


The best part of your life is worth working hard for.

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