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Individual counseling

Every day of your life, you face a barrage of emotional triggers — so it's really not surprising if life overwhelms you sometimes. Hope Counseling provides unwavering support to you during your personal sessions in the faith-fueled belief that you can handle any crisis.

Individual counseling to cope with personal crises

Develop your better self

In nonjudgmental one-on-one sessions, Kim Mayeda will help you face major life changes, truly find yourself, develop stronger relationships, and face troubling issues head-on.

Call us for over 5 years of trusted counseling experience.


  • Lack of motivation

  • Depression and hopelessness

  • Dealing with trauma, loss, and grief

  • Poor self-esteem

  • Inability to communicate

  • Food, alcohol, and drug addiction

  • Frustrated dreams and desires

  • Crises of faith and spirituality

  • Anger, bitterness, and hatred

  • Childhood and sexual abuses

  • Divorce, infertility, and family woes

  • Loss of job, money, or relationship

  • Fear, jealousy, doubt, and guilt

  • Desperate thoughts of suicide

No problem is greater than your ability to cope.

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